Experience the Hope of God's Cascading Love

"I thought if I just wanted something bad enough, it would happen." "I believed that if I was passionate about [a career or lifestyle], I could have it." " I thought passion was supposed to be enough!" We hear statements like this all the time, and most often we hear: "I feel I deserve [this or that]." More often than not this me-focused mindset leads to disappointment and hopelessness because it is based in fantasy not reality.

Thankfully, we at Child Evangelism Fellowship of the Olympic Peninsula, are privileged to share the Good News in truth and love to children, youth, and teens, and by extension to whole families. This Good News brings hope, as people receive everlasting love into their hearts. Hope is a wonderful antidote to depression and suicidal thoughts because "hope is an anchor for the soul."

Through hope that the Good News provides, we witness transformation in people of all ages. Our prayer and mission is for "Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day," to hear about how much Jesus loves them.

If you would like to share the Good News of God's love with children, youth, and teens this summer, please feel free to contact us https://www.cefofop.com/contact. Our goal is to coordinate with those holding Vacation Bible School so that 5-Day Clubs can be held in between, offering more Gospel coverage throughout the summer.

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