Truth and Abundant Life: And what we can do

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Why would an enemy want to have you believe they aren’t your enemy? Or maybe try to convince you they are your friend? Even those of us not acquainted with warfare strategies understand that access is a powerful tool. Access when used against people is a destructive tool.

Why should we write about this when considering our children of the Olympic Peninsula?

As those who stand for our children’s protection, safety, and need of God’s Word, we must consider the challenges our children face. As adults, it is incumbent upon us to live in opposition to evil in all forms, for the sake of our youth and communities. Anyone or organization intent on harming God’s people or Word, need the truth.

As ones who desire to see our children, youth, and teens protected from the womb forward, I say, “let’s come together and make decisions with their welfare in mind, and then take action.” Along with guidelines for education and life, let us do all we can to ensure our youth are given every opportunity for eternal life, and life abundant. This is life with a triune God who will never fail them. Jesus, who will stick closer than a brother, and provide life lessons in love, forgiveness, and overcoming the darkness; through loving, committed adults.

Our youth of today and beyond need and deserve for us to provide for them the Truth in love.

Do you have a burden for our children, youth, and or teens, to know the Good News of Jesus?

If so, we have opportunities for you in Good News Clubs and Five-Day Clubs.

We provide all the training and support you will need.

Interested? Contact:, or

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