Transformed in Truth and Love

This link is to a post from Jacquie's blog that is an answer to one of the many prayers for our Good News Club in Port Angeles. We are extremely grateful for our prayer partners who faithfully bring our petitions before the Lord. We cannot do what we do without you.

Good News Club is filled with activity, busy hearts and minds receiving the eternal seed of God. This month, we have been sharing aspects of the early Church with our club kids, and watching what Holy Spirit does best. We have the privilege of witnessing heartwarming, life transformation in our sweet first-graders.

“Darren,” came to us this month with pent-up anger and frustration. He has lots to say, but isn’t allowed to speak much at home; which hurts and upsets him. He spends a lot of time being sent to his room, and told to stop talking. (My sister was like this growing up, so I understand). At the beginning of the month, when Darren became frustrated, he would pull his shirt over his head and slump down, disregarding anything that was said. (Continue Reading):

Photo by Victoria Borodinova

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